Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials



Teachers are extremely creative when it comes to finding ways to use unusual materials in their classrooms. Art teachers and their students turn the donated items at the warehouse into amazing works of art. 

Here are some examples of how teachers transformed materials found at the Ocean Bank Center into teaching tools:

  • Small sponges became hand stamps for kindergartners at Snapper Creek Elementary School. The children printed designs with the sponges and learned to identify their shapes.

  • Party supplies and paper goods were used to create a Halloween Fair booth for underprivileged children, designed and constructed by students at Southridge High School.

  • Architects' blueprint paper was turned into pulp and regenerated as handmade paper by students at Hibiscus Elementary School. The students then used the paper to create stunning artwork.

  • Tin canisters and plastic containers hold children's pencils and teach students how to sort and measure at Palm Springs North and Van E. 布兰顿小学.

If your 标志 is on a product, we'll accept it anyways! 

  • 艺术 & 工艺品

    Yarn, thread, paint, fabric, brushes of any kind are welcome.

  • 背包
  • Binders, Two-Pocket Folders, Clipboards


  • 儿童书籍
  • 计算器
  • 指南针 & 按完
  • 容器及储物箱


  • 橡皮擦


  • 胶水

    Wood glue, gorilla glue, Mod Podge, tacky glue, lamination glue, any kind!

  • 洗手液
  • 笔记本电脑

    组合或螺旋. 任何大小,任何形状!

  • 便签本
  • 办公用品

    纸 weights, furniture, filing cabinets, any and everything!

  • 铅笔,钢笔,记号笔
  • 各种各样的,从8.5英寸× 11英寸至35英寸× 24英寸或更大! 白色和色彩. 还有几卷纸.

  • 海报

    Do you have a surplus of posters from an event or collection? 我们就带他们去!

  • 统治者
  • 剪刀
  • 肥皂

    Hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and more!

  • 便签
  • 磁带

    Invisible tape, packaging tape, masking tape, and more!

  • 瓷砖

    Schools often are looking to beautify their schools! 美术老师在做瓷砖马赛克!

  • 纸巾,卫生纸, & 纸巾

    One of the most requested items by far! 任何尺寸和金额都是受欢迎的.


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